Mayo Clinic is constantly developing and expanding our content offerings — and we're excited to announce that our licensable content is now available in pre-defined content sets to provide a more targeted and tailored experience for end users.

Our pre-defined content sets are subsets of the full library of assets that have been organized into specific topics or areas of interest that may be licensed based on any of the following:

  • Full libraries (e.g., Health Information, Wellness)
  • Condition-specific (e.g., Diabetes, Cancer)
  • Focused based on target audience (e.g., Women, Men, Seniors)
  • Specific to a general area of interest (e.g., Sleep, Healthy Eating)

Content is available in multiple formats including: Articles, Expert Answers, Slide Shows, Videos and more.
Depending on the pre-defined content set, it may be available in both English and Spanish, or just English — contact us to learn more.
All content is delivered via API for easy implementation.

Here is the full list of pre-defined content sets:

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