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Our products and services are designed to extend Mayo Clinic's specialized knowledge and expertise to improve the health and well-being of people around the globe. 


Licensable Content

World-renowned content based on 150+ years of clinical practice and research – and now commercially available for mass syndication via API on any kind of device.

Why Mayo Clinic

For more than a century, Mayo Clinic has been transforming lives through innovation in patient care and the application of research and education. Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions delivers a portfolio of market-leading products and services to meet the needs of people across the health spectrum – and throughout their lives.

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Mayo Clinic content is voice-enabled -- meaning, it's ready to be delivered through voice-first platforms like Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, Google Home and Google Assistant.

Ranked #1

Mayo Clinic is honored to be ranked the #1 hospital in the nation.

In the U.S. News & World Report rankings of top hospitals, Mayo Clinic is the #1 hospital overall, as well as #1 in more specialties than any other hospital in the nation.

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Mayo Clinic licensable content is available in multiple languages and ready for any user environment.

Content is ready for any delivery channel including websites, apps, social, voice and more.

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Meet a Client: Q&A with Adam Odessky, Co-founder & CEO, Sensely

What kind of content are you licensing from Mayo Clinic?

Sensely’s global customer base of insurance companies has asked for member-facing content that is trusted, compelling, and thorough. The Mayo Clinic symptom assessment algorithms, health information, and wellness libraries all fit the bill, and have been warmly received.


Why did you choose Mayo Clinic content?

It was important to us to select content that had already been used for many years with millions of patients, and from a well-known health information source. In addition, we were impressed by Mayo Clinic’s rigorous and ongoing commitment to regularly review, validate, and update the libraries as new information becomes available. Finally, the Mayo Clinic team provides us with the second to none service that our enterprise customer base requires. It’s a great combination!

How are you using content from Mayo Clinic?

The Sensely suite of applications incorporates the Mayo Clinic content in a unique character-driven interface that provides user convenience and empathy, and leverages the power of conversation design to turn medical content into more natural and lifelike conversations. In addition, the Sensely platform allows for the Mayo Clinic content to easily be incorporated into

enterprises’ existing websites, mobile apps, or chat channels. With Mayo Clinic’s cooperation, Sensely has also localized the content into a series of languages, which has allowed Sensely to reach end-users around the globe. In fact, the Sensely platform supports 32 languages and can be deployed anywhere in the world! We look forward to continuing our work with Mayo Clinic and helping insurers delight their members with timely, evidence-based content supported by over 150 years of medical practice.