Healthy Living

At Mayo Clinic, our approach to population health is firmly grounded in evidence-based medicine and experiential knowledge. We’re different – because we infuse what we learn in our ‘living laboratory’ full of patients, employees, clients and consumers into our Healthy Living programs in a way that can’t be reproduced. This represents a deliberate shift from information to activation, delivering a personalized experience focused on the cornerstones of good health. Real solutions for real people to enhance the health of your population – and your organization.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

Based on the No. 1 New York Times best-selling book, The Mayo Clinic Diet is an online, interactive program designed to help people lose weight, get healthier and keep the pounds off permanently. Adapted for a digital environment, the program features day-to-day guidance, tracking tools, menus and recipe planners, a supportive community, articles, and quizzes that leverage behavioral science to prompt adoption of healthy habits. For results that last a lifetime – the one and only Mayo Clinic Diet.

Mayo Clinic Resilient Living Program

Research shows that resilient individuals have the ability to withstand, bounce back from, and even grow in times of adversity. Anchored in several scientific disciplines including neuroscience, evolutionary biology and psychology, Mayo Clinic Resilience is action-oriented, highly engaging and scalable. This two-phase program helps participants cultivate resilience in just minutes a day with easy-to-incorporate practices that have demonstrated short- and long-term results. Mayo Clinic Resilience – for a high-performing, engaged workforce in today’s complex world.

Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program

Thousands of corporate leaders from all over the world have found an efficient, cost-effective way to manage their health through the Executive Health Program. Comprehensive, seamless exams blend diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine in a compressed timeframe to accommodate each executive’s schedule. Evaluations at all three Mayo Clinic sites are individualized according to the patient’s personal needs, and conclude with a complete report and test results. Invest in your executives’ well-being – and strengthen your competitive edge.

Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

This world-class destination wellness experience addresses the lifestyle challenges that are an important component of health and well-being. Science-based, outcomes-focused behavior change programs are developed and delivered by Mayo Clinic experts, and concentrate on nutrition, physical activity and resiliency.  Choose from the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program menu including the Signature Experience, Diet Experience, Executive Wellness Experience, Stress-Free and Resilient Living, Physical Activity Assessments, Rejuvenate Spa, and Corporate Retreat option for your next executive off-site in our state-of-the-art facility.

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