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Reduce costs, enhance recruitment and retention strategies and increase satisfaction through a suite of products and services designed for employers. As a large employer, we understand the economic and cultural challenges you face – as well as the challenge of employee engagement. Through remote channels, we serve clients of all shapes, sizes, industries and locations with resources for assessment, behavior change, prevention, self-care, condition management and health plan administration.


Any organization footing the bill for health-related benefit programs needs its service providers to deliver flexible, scalable solutions that support the case for the investment. By measuring engagement, participation, risk migration, productivity, financial outcomes and satisfaction, we provide payers with compelling data that demonstrates value. Turn wellness into a winning proposition with consultative service and proven outcomes from Mayo Clinic. 


To help improve the health of your member population, reduce unnecessary claims costs and meet the regulatory requirements of the Affordable Care Act and medical home, Mayo Clinic resources can give insurers a competitive advantage. From healthy living to health guidance to health information, Mayo Clinic products and services can help members determine when and how to use their health benefits wisely.

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Health Systems

Mayo Clinic understands health care like no one else, particularly when it comes to patient access and the economic realities of health care reform. By embedding our medical experience and capabilities into our clinical and lifestyle programs, we deliver clinically sound, engaging remote services to help health systems and providers manage population health and meet quality and accreditation requirements. Build loyalty and trust with solutions designed to support practitioners as they care for patients.

Member Groups

We draw on our experience working with associations, member groups and coalitions to increase the ‘stickiness’ between member and program sponsor. Through cost-effective channels, our programs and services add value that can expand your reach, strengthen your reputation and increase loyalty. Engage members, their families or communities and grow your member base through on-demand health promotion programs from Mayo Clinic that make them glad they belong.

Brokers & Consultants

The success of a broker or consultant often depends on formidable relationships with the vendors they rely on. We also understand that the nature of these relationships demands performance and the ability to deliver on the desired outcomes. Working with the best in the industry, we design best-in-class, customized options for brokers and consultants – so they can clearly add value that differentiates their offerings in a competitive marketplace.

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