From our product development initiatives to our research-based approach to our strategic relationships and industry involvement, we’re working hard to advance the science of health and wellness. Learn what we’re doing to increase the value and reach of our products and services through innovative delivery channels. We’re making progress – and together we can make the world a healthier place.

Mayo Clinic health information offered through Epic patient apps

Mayo Clinic is offering this embedded content option to Epic’s health care clients as a way to help other providers share expert health information with their patients. More than 4,000 comprehensive health topics spread across more than 18,000 pages of Mayo Clinic content are available, including symptom, condition, disease, life stage, and healthy living information.

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Mayo Clinic and Hillhouse Capital Group Sign Joint Venture Agreement to Improve Global Health Care

Mayo Clinic recently announced a joint venture agreement with Hillhouse Capital Group that establishes a new company to improve health care delivery and efficiency in China. As part of the agreement, Mayo Clinic will contribute select health care information and know-how. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity to combine Mayo Clinic’s valuable capabilities in medical technology and management with Hillhouse’s strong in-country knowledge to deliver high-quality services to Chinese health care providers and patients.

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Mayo Clinic Launches Healthy Living Program Aimed to Help People Achieve and Sustain Wellness

In a crowded health and wellness marketplace, knowing what’s fact versus myth and effective versus ineffective can be a challenge. It also may be an obstacle for some people to find a sound and practical lifestyle program that they can maintain over time. To provide a comprehensive wellness program based on research, not the trend of the day, Mayo Clinic will launch the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program in summer of 2014 to help people adopt healthy behavioral changes in diet, exercise and stress management and improve their overall quality of life.

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Mayo Clinic Launches Pregnancy App 

Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy is a trustworthy guide to pregnancy, childbirth and baby's first three months. This free app, now available for iOS, Android and Windows devices, leverages the experience of a team of pregnancy experts in obstetrics and gynecology, genetics, nutrition, midwifery and lactation.

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Mayo Clinic and Valurise Health Solutions Sign Strategic Agreement to Expand Global Reach 

Mayo Clinic announced a multiyear agreement with Valurise Health Solutions, Inc. (VHS) to integrate components of Mayo Clinic’s suite of Healthy Living and Care Management services into its existing product line. Through this collaboration, Mayo Clinic expands its global reach by providing these programs to employers and insurers in Greater China.

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Mayo Clinic Named Among Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles

Mayo Clinic was among 66 employers nationwide that received the 2013 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Platinum Award from the National Business Group on Health. This award reflects Mayo’s commitment to a healthy workplace and for helping employees and families achieve the best quality of life possible, using many of Global Business Solutions’ digital, telephonic, and print resources.

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Mayo and Everyday Health have expanded their relationship for online advertising sales and sponsorships to include the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. This representation complements Everyday Health’s existing portfolio of consumer packaged goods and over the counter products on Ad revenue allows us to deliver credible online health information free of charge, and supports our medical education and research programs.

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Ask Mayo Clinic Online Now Offers Web-Based Symptom Assessment

Ask Mayo Clinic online is a new, one-of-a-kind web-based triage application that leverages Mayo Clinic-developed algorithms and nurse line integration to help consumers make informed decisions about if and when to seek care.  Innovative, user-friendly and secure, the tool covers more than 300 symptoms, empowering consumers and driving cost-effectiveness.

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